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Baalfolket came to be around the Fire

The music and healing group 'Baalfolket' came to be around the fire at Alternative Summer Solstice in June 2002 in Harstad, Northern Norway.
In common for the members of the group was the background in Understanding of Nature/Shamanism and the wish to convey energy through the Didjeridoo, the Drum and Vocals.

Baalfolket had themselves thrown into their first appearance during the 'Festspillene i Nord-Norge' festival less than a week after its conception, which went so well that they were asked for a 'da capo' the day after.

Since then Baalfolket has become known in Norway for their unique sound and appearances at alternative festivals and cultural events in various contexts.



Baalfolket channel sound and music that can be a challenge to categorize, and should perhaps be experienced before it can be explained, and even then it can be challenging. How explain whit the brain what the heart sees and experiences?
Common is the experience of hearing native american, sapmi, and other ethnic music. It depends who is listening and where the heart is in the moment.
The combination of socalled 'ur-instruments'; the Drum, Didjeridoo and vocals as its own instrument, creates a unique sound that appeals to the heart and the spiritual aspect in humans.

From 2002 Baalfolket consisted of:
*Will Rubach,
*Lena M. Johnsen
*Willy Korvanen Mæland

From 2003 Michael Antonsen joined in with Willy K. M. and played Didjeridoo at various arrangements, and after a while Michael took over the main role as Didjeridoo-player.

Autumn 2006, kom Anneli Guttorm joined in as guest-artist, with joik and drum, and had her first official performance in Tromsoe at the Alternative Festival in October 2006. Later she joined Baalfolket as permanent artist.

Baalfolket consisten then till 2010 of:
*Will Rubach
*Lena M. Paalviig-Johnsen
*Anneli Guttorm
*Michael Anthonsen


A Change

After the release of 'Førandring/Change', it became clear that our common journey had come to an end. We are deeply grateful for all learning and all fantastic experiences together. We have created som wonderful Journeys for all those who have been touched by what we have facilitated of happenings, 'Journesys into the Dreaming', and conceerts.
Thank you, Anneli and Michael.

Baalfolket consisted until summer 2010, by what we called the foundation in the group:
Will Rubach
Le*na M. Paalviig Johnsen


A Journey

From the summer of 2010 until October the same year, we had with us the guest artists:
* Bobby D. Kure on Didjeridoo, Percussion and Vocal
*Anita Dreyer on Drum, Percussion and Vocal

This dynamic worked so well that they became full members of the group, and we decided to realise a dream; a project we wanted to do since 2002; to record 'Journey Into the Dreaming'.. something that finally became a reality the winter of 2010. I february 2011 the CD was done.

In January 2014 Will Rubach officially withdrew from the group. Another Change.
Thank you, Will, for all the Journeys, experiences, moments and sharings!


The Journey Continues

After Will withdrew, Kyrre Gram Franck stepped in on several events in 2014. Nå he is one of Baalfolket, and contributes with his voice, percussion, various flutes, his sound-technical knowledge, and his shamanic approach to life.

In addition to good ladies have entered Baalfolket's sphere.. and they seems to thrive with us. Lill and Marte. Lill reside on the island of Vega, Marte in Velfjorden, and they both give us valuable feedback and perspectives, insight in 'the beyond', and are invaluable help on all the events they are with us.
In addition they have accepted the role as Manager.. a task that can be challenging with a un-normal group such as Baalfolket.


Renewed again

Again is Baalfolket renewed, just as in nature; rebirth in each cycle. Yet again we have a new Sound and Power... and we gladly share it with you.

Baalfolket continue its 'Journey Into the Dreaming'... and you are welcome to join us.


From the left: Anita, LeNa, Kyrre og Bobby - Retreat Valdres 2014Oss på retreat


In front of the Tipi - Retreat Valdres 2014Oss på retreat


In the Pine- Retreat Valdres 2014Oss på Retreat