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The Dreaming

`The Dreaming`, as a concept, history, myth; is ancient, and perhaps best known from the Australian natives, the Aboriginies. Also the nordic native culture; the Sapmi, tell about the Dreaming; Adjagas.

Common for both is the sound that carries you into the Dreaming, where everything is created in every 'Now'.

All of Creation, with All that IS, occurs in the Dreaming, between awake state and deep sleep. In the Dreaming you are your own Student and Master.

The Indian poet 'Kabir' says: 'Music without words means leaving the thoughts. To leave the toughts is meditation. Meditation brings you back to the Original and the origin of All is Sound'.

When you are in the Dreaming, anything is possible, time and place ceases to exist.

Baalfolket's 'Journey Into the Dreaming' is inspired by Willy Korvanen Maeland's tales about the Dreaming. Based on on legends and myths of the Aboriginies in Australia, Baalfolket's first 'Journey Into the Dreaming' was performed for a group of people at the Alternative Summer Solstice Festival 2003.

Each 'Journey Into the Dreaming' has three basic steps:
- 'INTRODUCTION', where you are lead into the 'Heartspace'
- 'Greeting', to Mother Earth and Creation
- 'RETURN', back to the body and 'awake' state'

It is important to notice WHAT IS DIFFERENT in conclusion of the Journey.
The differences are clues to what change happened during the Journey.
Write down some cues in a book dedicated only to Journeys and Dreams...
Open up for the fantastic that the Universe tells and shows you. Whatever happens during the Journey.. allow it to happen.

The Journey will be experienced differently every time you make it, which is natural, as we as beings are in constant change. The Journeys are always different, but are created based on the same three steps.


`Journey Into the Dreaming - An evening dedicated to just Being`.


  • A place to be; Nature, a Lavvuu/Tipi with a fire are preferred, but not necessary - nice roomy premises will do well.
  • Plenty of time; 3-4 hours for the Journey, before, and after.
  • After the Journey we share, (voluntarily), jam, and whatever we are inspired to do. 'The Good Talk'

If you wish to experience a 'Journey Into the Dreaming', you can meet up on such an event, buy the CD 'Out of the Box - Into the Dreaming', or the upcoming 'Journey Into the Dreaming', or arrange such an event - we will be there. Happily.




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